Gülnar Evleri

In this our very first project located in Zekeriyaköy, we started off from offering a “new life” to people. Gülnar Evleri, taking its name from a type of cherry peculiar to Zekeriyaköy and its surrounding, is composed of 10 villas with the area of 280 m2 each. Our villas, which are designed within a boutique site concept, offer a real “capacious” atmosphere awarded with LEED certificates for each villa, for their environment friendly designs.  The Gold certificate in “LEED for Homes” category was awarded for a residential project for the first time in Turkey, bringing you together with the “green house” concept.

Gülnar Evleri, the construction of which was started in August 2011, was completed in December 2012 and life has started in our project.